Ibn Hazm

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[p. 241]


(born about 994 A.D. - d. 1063 A.D. in Spain)

Al-imām al-Ḥāfiẓ Alī Muḥ. Alī b. Aḥmad b. Saʿīd Ibn Ḥazm. An Arab-Spanish philosopher, jurist, philologist and theologian. He migrated to Cairo and completed his works there.

EI (s.v.); GAL 1, 399 s.

Ed.: Ihsan Abbas - Nasireddin al-Asad, Jawāmi’ as-sīra wa-khamsa rasā'il ukhrā. Cairo (without date) (contains a Collection of Biographies).

T.: Cairo A:0

The conquest of the Nūbah and the Bujah. 'Abdallah b. Sa'd b. Abī Sarḥ raided them during the caliphate of ʿUthmān. They are Christians. He made a peace treaty with them on (condition that they pay) a number of slaves whom they promised to give him. He built a mosque at the gate of the capital of their kingdom and made it a condition that they should look after it always. Later on, all the Bujah embraced Islam, and only the Nūbah and the Ḥabashah remained true to their own religion; they are the majority; the remainder of the inhabitants of their country are idolaters and call them (the idols) daqarah (sing, daqūr). (Cairo, p. 345).