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(13 May or 12 June AD 1051)

Light of Life. God of the spirits and of all flesh, You who have defeated death and despoiled Hades and given life to the world, rest, O Lord, the soul of Your servant Marianta, having (the Church of) Raphael of Tamti, in the bosom of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, in a shining place, in a place of refreshment, whence pain and grief and lamentation have fled away, as You are the only good one and love mankind. And the years of her life (were) [.]7. The day of her death was in the month of Pa[---] (on) 18, (in the year) from the Martyrs 767 according to the order of God the creator, amen. Abba Makarios [---]. May Christ rest you in the land of the living ones, Marianta also called Asta, and your soul shall dwell among the good ones, Marianta also called Asta. Lord shall guide you onto the waters of life, Asta, Your (i.e. God’s) good Spirit shall guide you in the land of the living ones, [---] of Your saints, into the Kingdom of Heavens.