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'''[p. 248]'''
ELLATH KUL-'ELLāN (“The Cause of All Causes")
ELLATH KUL-'ELLāN (“The Cause of All Causes")

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[p. 248]

ELLATH KUL-'ELLāN (“The Cause of All Causes")

End of 11th cent. A.D.

Writer of an anonymous Syrian, encyclopedical treatise.

Ed.: K. Kayser, Das Buch von der Erkenntnis der Wahrheit. Leipzig 1889.

T.: MC 750; Kayser S:1

To the south of this sea (the western Ocean) there is a gulf extending along the whole of the country of Teyôpiâs (Ethiopia) into the country of the Ḥabshâye and Nûbâyê, until the strait of Kūsh: there it turns eastwards and joins with the great sea of the Hendu. (Kayser, p. 258; MC 750).

The region of the south, i.e. Libuwây, begins on the western side of the country of the men who have their noses cut.

It extends towards the south, from the sea of Elîspôntôs and touches the Kūsh as far as the country of the Kluzmâyê. It again passes by the country of Teyôpiyâs and the Nûbâyê, .the Ḥabshâye and the Zungâyê and then to Taif. ... (op.cit., p. 263; MC 750 v).