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Brocardus Monacus


Dominican monk.

Directorium ad Passagium Faciendum.


Adhuc magis ulterius versus meridiem sunt Ethiopes christiani, gens maxima atque potens, que quinque regna magna valde obtinet et diffusa; hii tanti sunt,[tain] validi et tam fortes, quod unum regnum [est] de istis, quod quidem vocatur Nubia, confinians cum Egipto, [quod] aliquando de soldano Bibilonie victoriam obtinuit et triumphum. Habent isti populi prophetiam quod aliquando exibunt et transilient montes illos quibus versus Egiptum nunc resident circunclusi, et cum predictis Nubianis, et qui extra prefatos montes [illos] obtinent loca sua, Egypcios et Arabes destruent et vastabunt. Mecham capient el diruent, Sepulcrum comminuent et corpus inceudent prophani ac perfidi Macometi.

(Still more further, towards the south there are the Ethiopians Christians, the greatest and most powerful nation, the five kingdoms of it are very great and widespread; these are so many, so strong and so brave, that one of these kingdoms, called Nubia, bordering Egypt, gained the victory over the Sultan of Babylon. They have a prophecy that at some time they will come out and jump across the mountains, urging those nations who encircle Egypt to accompany the Nubians, who are out of the aforesaid mountains, and they will obtain their own place, and they shall break down and destroy the Egyptians and Arabs, take over Mecca and destroy the resting body of the Prophet Muhammad.)

Selected editions

Recueil des Historiens des Croisades. Documents Arméniens. Tome II (Paris: 1906).