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'''[p. 253-254]'''
'''[pp. 253-254]'''

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[pp. 253-254]


(d. 1138 A.D.) (before 1138 A.D.)

Muḥammad ibn Ahmad b. 'Alī Bishr al-Kharaqī, an astronomer, born at Merw (Khurāsān), died in 533 H (= 1138 A.D.) He wrote "Muntahā-l-Idrāk fi Taqāsīm al-aflāq". (The Perfect Knowledge of the Divisions of the Spheres), and a summary of it: At-tabṣira fī ’ilm al-hay’a (A Glance over Astronomy). The work is apparently unpublished.

MS: Bibl.Nat. Paris, MS ar. 2499.

Exc.: MC 791 - 793

T.: MC 792 A: 1

[p. 254] The first (Climate) traverses the (Indian) sea ... crosses over the country of the Ḥabasha and the Blacks (Sūdān), where is situated Dunqula, the town of the Nūba, and Socotra, (Usqūtrā), the Maghrib ... (MS Paris 2499, fol. 77 r).

... The second (Climate) crosses the Arabian peninsula ... the kingdom of Huditiya (?), the district of the sea (arḍ al-baḥr) Aswān and Qūs ... (MS Paris, fol. 77 r-v) .

... The third (Climate) ... crosses ... the tribes of Nūb (other reading: Barbar) in the territory of the Maghrib. (MS Paris, fol. 77 v; MC 792 r).